Into The Strings with Laurel Thomsen

Come and meet Laurel Thomsen, prodigy violinist (who was teaching students OLDER than her and had her own music school before she could drive as you will hear during our talk) .

She is to no surprise truly multi-talented, and a jack(is there a female version of this word?) of all trades including teacher, contributing author to Strings Magazine and cultivator of her students to achieve all their dreams in music.

From Laurel’s Bio:

“Laurel Thomsen has always had an ear for song, but at six, music possessed her. Concerned, she told her mother that music from a recording she had listened to wouldn’t stop playing in her mind. “Don’t worry, that happens to me too” her mother reassured. When Laurel explained that it wasn’t just a little ditty, but a whole orchestra note for note, her mother said that that sounded like quite a gift…..”

People always ask me as a musician and with the podcast if I have ever met anyone that seems like they were simply “born to play”.

I am honored and proud to say that I can add another person to that very very short list, and I was lucky enough to chat with her on this episode.

Episode Music Clips Credit List:

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