About the Beat

The Philosophical Beat is the creation of & hosted /produced by Bahman Sarram a.ka. Bviolin who is an artist, violinist, composer, producer and singer/songwriter whose music ties together many cultures and expressions into a ecstatic celebration of life.

His composing work has been heard in many stellar independent films and his band can be heard all over the west coast during their touring season.

Based in San Diego, Bahman has won over audiences with his passion and unlimited energy that vibrates through his performances and diverse musical palette.

With this Podcast, Bahman gets to explore another talent and passion of his in connecting with artists of all creative talents ranging from musicians to authors to painters and visual artists, anyone who has a creative spirit.

The “Beat” as some listeners have started to call it aims to celebrate and share the amazing artists that are out there changing the world one note or one brushstroke at a time, whatever it is they do best… Bahman’s goal is to bring audiences into a friendly and open space to truly digest artists, especially artists that deserve to be heard around the world, even if they have never left the outskirts of their hometown to explore their art.

A fresh take on exploring artists and their inspirations mixed with engaging humour and a free flowing conversational rhythm encompasses what the podcast is all about.

New episodes available online on Itunes and on this site.





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