The Spirit of Hawaii: Makana

“Slack key guitar music, indigenous to Hawai’i, has been around longer than the blues, and Makana is considered the greatest living player.” ~~Esquire Magazine~~

Composer,Philosopher,Virtuoso Guitarist and Humanitarian Makana joined me on Season 1 Episode 4 of The Philosophical Beat.

One of the most genuine artists who cares and loves humanity… that’s how I felt after having an amazing conversation with Makana in this episode…. I don’t know any other way to describe this fascinating multi-talented (in so many levels) human being.

Tune in to  get a mix of philosophical view points as well as artist view points meshed together in a well spoken and thought provoking dialogue with a legend and spirit of Hawaii who carries the torch of his homeland in so many ways beyond his beautiful music.

Makana’s guitar skills are jaw dropping to say the least, his voice is a thousand angels vibrating in your ear.

Join us to hear about Makana’s latest projects both in music and in his projects for helping to make the world a better place.

Quotables & Highlights from this episode:

  • “…there is no such thing as conditional love, because that is not love!…” Makana.
  • Human Truths we all keep inside
  • Makanas experience in writing for oscar nominated movie The Descendants with George Clooney
  • Viewpoints on the new generation and conscious parenting
  • Makana’s new projects and compositions

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The Gift of Voice with John Torres

Grammy Nominated  Sara Bareilles has a few good things to say about him… you will too after hearing a little bit about multi talented singer & songwriter John Torres.

His voice is guaranteed to make you drop what you’re doing & soak in in the gift that is his voice and presence on stage and in his studio work.

TPB is proud to bring you one of the most poignant and honest sounds that you are ever to hear through John Torres.

Quotables & Highlights from this episode:

  • “…Just because you go on a journey, doesn’t mean the audience is going on the journey…” J.T.
  • “…No Guarantees (talking about performance) of transendence…” J.T.
  • The awareness of the power you generate on stage
  • “It Takes a Village”… to raise an artist! .. what goes on behind an artists life that makes them successful.
  • Branding 101 or 100.5
  • John’s philosophy on the meaniningful relationships you build on the artist path.

Episode Music Clips Credit List:

Part of the Plan – John Torres: Live @ the NoHo Brickhouse

Into The Strings with Laurel Thomsen

Come and meet Laurel Thomsen, prodigy violinist (who was teaching students OLDER than her and had her own music school before she could drive as you will hear during our talk) .

She is to no surprise truly multi-talented, and a jack(is there a female version of this word?) of all trades including teacher, contributing author to Strings Magazine and cultivator of her students to achieve all their dreams in music.

From Laurel’s Bio:

“Laurel Thomsen has always had an ear for song, but at six, music possessed her. Concerned, she told her mother that music from a recording she had listened to wouldn’t stop playing in her mind. “Don’t worry, that happens to me too” her mother reassured. When Laurel explained that it wasn’t just a little ditty, but a whole orchestra note for note, her mother said that that sounded like quite a gift…..”

People always ask me as a musician and with the podcast if I have ever met anyone that seems like they were simply “born to play”.

I am honored and proud to say that I can add another person to that very very short list, and I was lucky enough to chat with her on this episode.

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Under the Radar of groove: Fretless Bass

A fascinating look with our guest Chris Hale into one of the most amazing musicians I have had the pleasure to play with via many different projects,tours & records.

This episode features a diverse discussion into Chris’s free spirit and improvisational personality and his philosophical beat on his instrument(Fretless Bass), the world of jazz (his main influence) as well as an in depth discussion on how the bass has grown and changed over the years of music recording.

Our Conversation flows into other topics including

  • Jazz Technique V.S. Feel
  • stories from touring the nation.
  • The role of the bass and compression in production

Music Clips In this Episode: